Fontanka offers prime quality feeds, additives and biosecurity products for the animal husbandry sector.

Improves the quality of colostrum and increases the intake of immunoglobulins for calves, lambs and piglets.
Stable high quality calf milk replacer of the number one producer in Europe, Schils.
Dietonic Stops intestinal disorder and strong rehydrating effect in calves, kids, lambs and piglets. Profat
Protected bypass fat of palm oil fatty acids and calcium. Increases milkproduction, milkfat percentage, fertility rate and general health.
Ropadiar Natural antimicrobial feed additive on basis of Oregano oil with strong antioxidant, aromatizing and anti-inflammatory effects. Novilam Milkreplacer for kids and lambs for strong and healthy growth in the early days of their life. Tonifarm
Natural mixture of plant extracts and vitamins for fighting infectious bronchitis and other respiratory troubles in poultry.


Fontanka offers prime quality feeds, feed additives and biosecurity products for the animal husbandry sector.

We are supplying products for farmers in the dairy-, poultry- and swine sector as well as feed mills in several parts of the world. 

Having extensive experience and network in the sector we can provide service regarding feeding advise, ration optimization and biosecurity systems for complete farms.


Fontanka started its activities in 1999 mainly for the Russian agricultural market. 

Since then business has expanded to more Eurasian countries.

Fontanka has its head office in Heerlen in the South of the Netherlands and office in Moscow with technical feed specialists, sales people, logistical service and regulatory affairs specialists.

In Russia we offer products from warehouse in Pskov.

Feed Products

  • ready milk feed
  • feed additives
  • feed raw materials
  • nutritionals

Hygiene Products

  • litter conditioners
  • insecticides
  • rodenticides

Fontanka BV
Statutory Seat in Heerlen

5 Jan Campertstraat,
Heerlen, The Nederlands

Contact in the Netherlands:
+31 45 541 63 66
Contact in Russia:
+ 7 909 162 0686

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