Products & Partners

Eurolaccalf milk replacer
Novilammilk replacer for lambs and kids
Pigipro Milksow’s milk replacer
Protilacskim milkpowder replacer
Superspraywhey fat concentrates
Profatdry bypass fat
Quality fathydrogenated palm oil
Frafatfractionated palm fatty acids
Euroseclitter conditioner
Sanaphorcefeed acidifier
Safesilesilage conservation
Lauriphorcemonolaurin & mcfa
Butiphorceslow release butyric acid
Boostrumhigh quality immunoglobulins
Alphacapcalcium capsules
Hypervitoltonic of vitamins, aminoacids, microelements
Ropadiaroregano oil
Twenty Oneazametiphos
Pro Racodifenacoum
Strong Pastabrodifacoum

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